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Established in 1985

Our Origins

From Modest Beginnings

Established in 1985, Holmestead Cheese Sales began with its founders, Nick and Susan Tziolas, literally going door to door to sell their Feta and educate consumers about their product.

Understanding the need for quality ethnic food in Nova Scotia, Holmestead’s founders began importing quality Mediterranean foods into the province, supplying restaurants, stores and wholesalers with their products and eventually opening their own retail location connected to the production facility.

Using traditional hands-on production techniques passed on through generations of cheese-makers, Holmestead Feta maintains an authentic flavor distinct from other varieties available to Canadian consumers.

The Largest Independent Cheese Producer in Nova Scotia

Family Owned & Operated

From these modest beginnings. Holmestead has grown into one of the largest Feta cheese producers in Canada.

Due to increasing demand for our products, Holmestead’s facilities are expanded regularly. Warehouses, walk-in coolers, and loading docks now surround the production facility which takes in 14000 liters of Nova Scotian fluid milk every week.

Holmestead Cheese Sales has grown organically to become the largest independent cheese producer in Nova Scotia, supplying wholesalers and restaurants across Canada.

Holmestead’s success can be directly attributed to artisanal production methods, organic growth, and personal service-from production through to delivery. The business remains family operated.


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